Our team helps coaches, consultants, online course creators, other personality-based businesses, and small business owners quickly connect with paying clients so they can expand their brand. As a boutique agency that embraces customer success, we're different than other agencies:

1. We’re selective about how many clients we work with monthly, so we have the proper bandwidth to provide each of them exceptional service. With a 24-hour response time during the work week, you'll never wonder how your campaign is performing!

2. Customer Success Centric Support includes weekly metrics updates to ensure you understand how the campaign is performing with a detailed breakdown of the ad spend.

3. Our in-depth, proprietary on-boarding process allows Jenny Schmitt Marketing to deep-dive with each client and thoroughly understand you and your brand story. These collaborative sessions will help us build a relationship-based marketing strategy to grow a loyal audience.

4. Our customer centric business consulting, guidance and expertise will boost your business to the next level. Our strategies will help increase the efficiency of your ad spend – producing maximum return on investment.

Hey! I'm Jenny!

I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm a social media advertising pro who's all about helping driven business owners like you reach their big goals. I believe in being honest, caring, and confident when working with my clients. 

When I'm not strategizing and executing campaigns, you can find me out exploring the great outdoors in Utah or whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. I'm an avid reader and Netflix binger, and I love staying active through hiking, skiing, and long walks. My positive energy and adventurous spirit bring a unique and fun perspective to my work, making me the perfect partner for any business looking to reach new heights.

Let's make it happen together!

"Jenny impressed me with both her technical and personable skills."

Prior to working with Jenny, we only sold on Amazon. She helped drive traffic to our website like we had never experienced before. With one of our ads in under 1 month, she was able to get 17k+ impressions with a CPC of a whopping $0.14 with close to 800 clicks! We could never experience numbers like that with just selling on Amazon. The onboarding process was both in depth and informative. She took a unique approach and a sincere interest in our brand and product and definitely wanted the best for us. If you want someone that has the technical skills, and that will actually care about your business, go to Jenny. You won’t regret it.

Diggy, One Way Wild

"I'm thinking about hiring someone to start bidding all these jobs I have coming in!!"

I had wanted to branch out and start doing more of my own stuff without a contractor and saw Jenny Schmitt Marketing on FB. At first I was skeptic because it was something new, but a little over a month later and I'm thinking about having to hire someone to start bidding all these jobs I have coming in!!! Not to mention she is very thorough about everything she does along with changing anything that I might ask for. Thanks Mrs. Jenny your totally amazing and the bestest, we're very glad to have you on our team!!!!

James, At Home Concrete

"Getting the job done helping me to perfect my website and funnel"

Jenny Was So Quick Getting The Job Done Helping Me To Perfect My Website And Funnel. She Is Detail Oriented And I’m So Grateful For Her Help. She Is Also Sweet And Professional. It Was A Pleasure Working With Her. I Highly Recommend Her Services!

Eliana Hedgecock

"I recommend her work to everyone!"

I loved working with Jenny! She was very detail-oriented and offered great ideas for my website design. She made everything so simple because she's so good at what she does. Her help was really a necessity, and I recommend her work to everyone!